Description –

PearlChem, an importer & distributor & International marketer, is a highly respected representative for several producers of aroma chemicals & essential oils. We have a contract manufacturer (toll manufacturing) in China and India and are offering a full line of special aroma ingredients & natural aroma chemicals (Kosher). PearlChem also is in the position to supply a complete line of fragrance oil & base to all over the world. For the benefit of both producer & client, PearlChem has developed a worldwide network of specialists in products source, import/export & transportation to offer efficient, personal, service to our all customers. 

Statistics –

PearlChem has become a trusted supplier of premium quality ingredients and a pioneer in the development of innovative special ingredient and has added several products in order to satisfy all customer needs. a - cedrene epoxide (ANDRANE/IFF); DMBC acetate & DMBC butyrate; cinnamyl nitrile (CINNAMALVA/IFF) … “If you need to find a new source, please come to PearlChem”

 Products –

PearlChem offers a unique a line of certified quaranteed products:

·         Synthetic aroma chemicals and natural aroma components

·         Essential oils

·         Fragrance oils and fragrance oil concentrate (base) (export from USA)

·         Flavors (candy, ice cream, beverages and bakery, etc) (export from USA)

 Service –

PearlChem is well known for the Quality Assurance and Fast Delivery. Our quality assurance system is designed to ensure the identity, safety and integrity of the products PearlChem offers. We also maintain a reasonable inventory to ensure our JIT service.

·             Any customized size package, from kilogram to ton, from pail to drum.

·             Just-in-time delivery

·             Customized blending, mixing, and material handling/filling service

·             Customized coding label, description

·             Toll Blend Flavor & Fragrance Service in China

 Here are some of the reasons why …

PearlChem has earned the trust of the Flavor & Fragrance industry as a dependable and knowledgeable aromatic & essential oil supplier.

Our products are:

·         Carefully selected under quality control programs that meet GMP standard

·         A great cost saving and value your business

Our Customers receive:

·         JIT delivery

·         A complete technical information (tech data sheet, COA, MSDS, certificate of natural, kosher …)

·         Consistent in quality and strong lot conformity in all process.